travelogue + reminders

Hi! I just got back from the ACRE residency, which was most excellent and allowed me to work on some pretty out there projects. Some travel notes:

1. Chicago is beautiful
2. Rest stop bathrooms are a special gendered hell
3. There are only macdonalds going one way and only burger kings going the other way
4. all Ohio rest stops are identical which is super fucking creepy
5. The drive from Philly to Cleveland is really scenic and contains some wonderful bridges. It’s also very pleasurable driving.
6. The drive from Cleveland to Chicago is 4 hours of hot, boring, straight, flat trash.
7. I am thankful for the 12 hours of solitude each way.

and reminders to myself about future music things
1. be mindful of the complex dimensionality of sounds and their interacting energies
2. try not to compose like you have something to prove
3. improvising works well.
4. “let time be an ally” is something I said to someone who then quoted it back to me the moment I got impatient at something. lesson learned: shut up next time and take your own advice.
5. This is going to take awhile.
6. Be in conversation with your instincts. You might decide to put them aside but ignoring them is a mistake.
7. Be patient. Even beginning to think about making sound is a huge fucking miracle.


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