Hi! I just got back from the ACRE residency, which was most excellent and allowed me to work on some pretty out there projects. Some travel notes: 1. Chicago is beautiful 2. Rest stop bathrooms are a special gendered hell 3. There are only macdonalds going one way and only burger kings going the other […]

I have decided to do many things these months. I have stuck to only some of these things, and the others have fallen away and I always feel like I’ve failed somehow. One of the things I have decided to do is write more. One of the other things is to spend less time worrying. […]

I’ve updated this website to reflect new identities still in formation. 2016 has been, overall, a pile of shit, but I also got a lot done, and I am grateful for that. Thank you, whoever is reading this, for your support, interest, gifts, words, and sounds. You may look forward to more work next year. […]

5th episode of WALL OF TEXT

Hi y’all, Thanks for staying with this. It’s been an experience and will continue to be I’m sure. This episode’s readings were from:  a concert program of Lindsay Cooper’s music “Anno Mirabilis”, a poem by Chris Cutler excerpts from my journal on improvisation and digital signal processing the International Journal of Ethics: “The Futurism of Young […]

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WALL OF TEXT 2 – mp3 file