duo EP with the incredible Kilamanzego
solo album tentatively titled “Short Stories from Outside”

SPACE FUCK (provisional name) – clarinet / drums experimental thrash duo with Phillip Price

ECL – Modular sampler / synthesizer for Pure Data


Duck Season – A science fiction Technopera with visuals featuring the sounds of Kaori Suzuki, Honey Gold and Kim Nucci.

WALL OF TEXT – A weekly podcast of found text, electronic improvisation, and healing.

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ANAS – An open-source digital modular synth for SuperCollider. See the Software page.

Weaver – A sampler/sequencer for SuperCollider, Novation Launchpad, and Nanokontrol. Designed and optimized for live performance.

MARA Performance Collective– A POC collective of musicians, composers, improvisers, movers.

Ends Meat’ Catastrophe Jazz Ensemble – Trio with composer/performers Erika Oba (piano, flute) and Rachel Austin (voice, electronics). The apostrophe is in the right place.

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Huge Statue of Jesus – Trio with composer/performers Kimberly Nucci (woodwinds) and Alex Cohen (guitars).

a/b – Duo with improviser and composer Bani Haykal.

Lectures in Directed Listening – Conceived by Ingrid Lee, the Lectures are a series of texts to be read in tandem by two (or more) readers. Each reader writes his own text on the experience, enjoyment or technique of directed listening. The first Lecture was premiered by Ingrid and myself at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in March 2014.

Past Projects

HYDRA (2015) – Taking guidance from George Lewis’s writings on VOYAGER, my own mystic experiences, community models of improvisation, various mythologies, and the sheer joy of coding, I have created a multi-vocal improvisation program called HYDRA, which is complete and also still and forever a work in progress. HYDRA improvises on its own but is also capable of listening and responding to live musicians. HYDRA was and is being coded in SuperCollider.

444 (2015) – A trio composition for three electric guitars that explores a variety of extended techniques specific to amplified instruments.

Imaginary Continent (2014) – Imaginary Continent is an ongoing series of compositions that explore the South East Asian sonic milieu, both drawn from indigenous folk musics and from their pop-culture representations. Various iterations of Imaginary Continent have more or less explicit connections to this sound world, but they all have some degree of relatedness to 1. Pentatonic scales and harmonies 2. Sonic granularity – patches of sound created by many short sound events and 3. Improvisation.

The current iterations of Imaginary Continent are:

1A Electronic, algorithmic composition for synthesizer and granulator.

2A and B – Guided improvisations for solo electric guitar.

3A and B – Improvisations with prepared guitar, using forks as low-frequency oscillators.

Gazeboid (2014) – Rock band of a sort with Ingrid Lee and John Niekrasz.

Cuttin’ Horse (2010 – 2014)  – Rock band with Nick Duba and Chris Ward.

speech piece (2014) – for voice and solo clarinet. A poem is read, then read again into a woodwind mouthpiece, and then the syllables are pronounced while blowing a low tone on the instrument.

two short pieces in my absence (2014) – for a group of listeners. Listening / interacting text scores a la Pauline Oliveros.

Lucid Dreaming for 10 (2014) – for an improvising ensemble.

forAA (2013) – Algorithmic composition

Bricolage for 5 (2012) – Composition for Violin, Flute, Cello, Saxophone and Electric Guitar